What we do

We deliver genuine societal change through challenge prizes

What is Nesta Challenges?

We highlight specific issues and work to shape the future of markets and technologies to fix them – from advisory support, through to end-to-end delivery.

We are experts across the life cycle of challenge prizes.

What we do

We create breakthrough innovations

Prizes incentivise new ideas and reward the best breakthrough solutions, wherever they come from, however they work.

We help innovators thrive

Prizes support and cultivate innovators by providing funding, expertise, profile-raising, investment and build networks.

We unlock systemic change

Prizes raise awareness, inform policy and shape the future of markets and technologies.

We are challengers. We are innovators.
We are game changers.

Flying High

Our Process


Finding areas where there is a lack of innovation but where innovation could impact


Identifying specific problems that need targeting and are most alterable using a prize model


Structuring the prize, its criteria and level of support to maximise the likelihood of solutions


Communicating the problem, engaging & supporting teams, testing and assessing


Degree to which the prize has brought about change to solve an issue


Raising awareness and understanding globally on challenge driven innovation

Case Studies