Delivering innovation in the water industry

The Ofwat Innovation in Water Challenge is now open for entries

Superbugs and COVID

How the COVID crisis is impacting individuals with existing healthcare issues, such as antimicrobial resistance

Supporting future innovators

How the Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize is inspiring the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Net Zero is within reach

If we are to ward off the damage we have done to the climate, we must invest in the industries and companies that will help us thrive

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How challenge prizes can kickstart the British economy

Medicine is getting personal: British genomic pioneers can lead the world

Thought Leadership

UK Government needs to step-up innovation support for green shipping

Thought Leadership

In an economic emergency, increased R&D spending is a bold vote of confidence in Britain’s innovators

Thought Leadership

The spending review is an opportunity for British innovation we cannot miss

Thought Leadership

Pathways to greenhouse gas removal – are we finally on track?

Thought Leadership

The Green Industrial Revolution: A breath of fresh air… potentially

Thought Leadership

Why is space so important in 2020?

Thought Leadership

The Great Innovation Challenge: How challenge prizes can kickstart the British economy


What is a challenge prize?

Challenge Prizes are competitions that take a specific problem and incentivise people to solve them with their own ideas, technology and sustainable solutions.

Latest Challenges

Innovation in Water Challenge

Stimulating innovative responses to challenges in the water industry, such as climate change and the risk of pollution in UK waterways.

£2M | Applications open until 12 noon (GMT) on 26 February 2021

Mayor’s Resilience Fund

We want to hear from boroughs, charities, and community organisations about a problem that could be solved through an open innovation competition.

£1M | Ends 14th December 2020

Climate Smart Cities Challenge

We are looking for cities to partner with us  to develop and scale potential solutions to their greenhouse gas challenges and create other social benefits.

First Stage Open Call: Nov 2020 – 22 Jan 2021

Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize 2020

Teams of 11-16 year olds across the UK will answer: How can you use technology to create an app, product or service that will make the world a better place?

£40k | Open for applications | Winners announced July 2021

Rapid Recovery Challenge

Improving access to jobs and money in the wake of COVID-19

£2.8m | Ends Sept 2020

Global Surgical Training Challenge

Low-cost, open-source surgery simulation training modules

$5 million |Open for applications| Ends Dec 2022

Longitude Prize

Developing a point–of–care diagnostic test that will conserve antibiotics

£8 million | Open for applications | Ends 2022

European Social Innovation Competition 2020

Changing behaviours for sustainable fashion

€50k | Winner announcement Autumn 2020

Stories from around the world

How have we improved lives through challenge prizes? See our case studies here.

Smart Ageing Prize

Solutions that support, empower and inspire older adults to engage in entrepreneurship

€50k | Finalists announcements Oct 2020

CareerTech Challenge Prize

Digital solutions that enable adults to plan their future careers.

£1.2 million | Ends March 2021

We have awarded £12.5 million

in Challenge Prizes since 2010

Mobility Unlimited Challenge

The Mobility Unlimited Challenge supports radical improvements in the mobility and independence of people with lower-limb paralysis through smarter assistive technology.

$1m | Winners announced Dec 2020

Flying High Challenge

Shaping the future of urban drone use in the UK to meet local needs.

This project started in December 2017 and is ongoing.

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Five areas we need innovation in the water sector now


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The future of challenge prizes

The government’s ambitious plans to boost science and innovation are a golden opportunity for bold, game-changing investments.

What have we done so far?

£12.5 million

awarded in Challenge Prizes since 2010


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