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What is Nesta Challenges?

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Building a better future

Our challenges stimulate innovation through competition.

Our Mission

Nesta Challenges exists to design challenge prizes that help solve pressing problems that lack solutions. We shine a spotlight where it matters and incentivise people to solve these issues.

We are independent supporters of change to help communities thrive and inspire the best placed and most diverse groups of people around the world to take action.

We support the boldest and bravest ideas to become real, and seed long term change to advance society and build a better future for everyone. Nesta Challenges is part of the global innovation foundation Nesta.

What do Challenge Prizes achieve?

Challenge prizes create breakthrough innovation, help innovators thrive and unlock systemic change.

Latest Challenges

CareerTech Challenge Prize

£1.2 million | March 2021

Longitude Explorer Prize

£25k | June 2020

Open Up Challenge 2020

£300k | July 2020

Stories from around the world

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Affordable Credit Challenge

£200k | March 2020

Legal Access Challenge

£100k | April 2020

Tech to Connect Challenge

£100k | March 2020

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Longitude Prize

£8 million | 2020

£12.5 million

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Together we can deliver positive impact to bring about systemic change.