We make a difference

Challenges have the power to impact the world around us

How do Challenges impact us?

From a game-changing app for Nepali farmers to a revolutionary device that will allow millions of stroke patients to “seize life with both hands” once more, Nesta Challenges runs challenge prizes that spark imaginative solutions to some of the key problems facing the world today.

Below you will find case studies that express how challenge prizes can change lives.


of the seed funding prizes we gave culminated in a prototype solution


of applicants to the Data Driven Farming Prize were local solvers in Nepal

Over 80

teams are currently in the running for the Longitude Prize

Stories of how we have made an impact

Data Driven Farming finalists success

The impact of the Inventor Prize

Sectors where we aim to make a difference


Our urban environments are getting busier and more densely populated everyday.

How can we make cities safer, more efficient and more comfortable, using ideas around reducing social isolation and tech such as drones?

What ideas do you have that can help improve our cities?


People living with disabilities have a right to be more comfortable in their daily lives.

We’re helping to find solutions for people with disabilities and their families, including devices that increase access to opportunity. 

Do you know of ways to help create new solutions?

Disruptive Tech

Can we as a society become more productive through disruptive technology?

Working with governments and institutions we can find better, fairer ways to use tech that helps to benefit all of society.

Do you have an idea using disruptive tech?

Education and Skills

There is more accessible information in the world today than there ever has been.

From kids to adults, we have challenges which will inform the future of AI, technology and information architecture.

How do we teach future generations use this info for social good? 

Energy and Environments

Energy resources are finite, yet we are dependent on these resources to live our lives.

We work with communities, governments and NGOs to make the world cleaner and our futures brighter. 

Help us help our future by finding new, renewable alternatives.

Global Health

Antibiotics are becoming less effective. Surgery needs to be safer, everywhere.

We have teams of experts across the globe, working towards solutions to some of the world’s most pressing health issues. 

How can we solve these global health issues?

Challenge by sector

From Nepal to Canada, challenges can create genuine social change.

Here are just some of the themes of change.

Governments and Innovation

The inability to access fair and affordable credit is a challenge faced by millions of UK people.

We give governments the tools to help make sustainable changes and encourage innovation in this sector, which improve people’s lives.

What areas of government do you think need innovation?

Health and Ageing

As the population ages, we need to find ways to help support them and their families.

We look into solutions for assisted living and reducing social isolation and loneliness among our older generations. 

Do you have an idea that could work to help this growing demographic?

International Development

We believe challenge prizes can develop the world in ways never seen before.

From helping farmers access data, to finding efficient ways to cool entire villages, we help local communities across the world.

What can you do to help build sustainable solutions?