We’re launching the Challenges.eu network

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Launching in 2020, Challenges.eu is a new network of organisations who believe in the potential of challenge prizes to surface, support and scale innovation in Europe.

Recent years have seen a shift in how Europe supports and funds innovation. Challenge prizes, alongside other mission driven funding mechanisms, are becoming more mainstream ways of making innovation happen. Sharing and promoting good practice, developed through our practical work, is what we are good at. The ‘Challenges.eu’ network reflects this mission, and we want to collaborate with other European organisations to:

  • Collectively advocate for the judicious use of challenge prizes to support and fund innovation in Europe
  • Coordinate thought leadership efforts to share good practice developed through our combined work and experience
  • Identify opportunities for Challenges.eu members to work together on challenge prizes that will surface, support and scale innovation in Europe.

We are seeking member organisations from across Europe who have extensive access to leading innovators. We are open to organisations working across a range of areas from social innovation to frontier technology.

Throughout the network’s initial year, we’ll be working with member organisations to refine Challenges.eu’s priorities and the scope of activities.

We will be inviting organisations who are prepared to contribute time and resources to the development of this network in order to produce joint policy recommendations, communications and joint funding proposals. 

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Who we are

Nesta Challenges exists to design and run challenge prizes that help solve pressing problems that lack solutions. We are independent supporters of change to help communities thrive and inspire the best placed, most diverse groups of people around the world to take action. 

Nesta Italia aims to introduce a new approach to social innovation in Italy. 

We believe the opportunity for innovation lies at the intersection of different areas – education, social inclusion, technology, arts and culture.  

We work with radical innovators, businesses, public institutions and non-profit organizations to design tailor-made solutions to tackle social challenges.