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13 Feb 2016

The Active and Assistive Living (AAL) Programme is a €700 million funding initiative focused exclusively on developing ICT solutions for active and healthy ageing. The overall objective of AAL is to enhance the quality of life of older adults while strengthening the industrial base in Europe through the use of ICT.

The first Smart Ageing Prize ran in 2016. It was a €50,000 prize for the best innovation in internet-connected devices and technologies that will empower older adults to achieve the quality of life they aspire to, socially and independently. The prize attracted 175 applications from 26 countries. 15 of the most promising entries were selected as Finalists and attended a social innovation mentoring academy in Brussels to receive support to develop a final detailed business plan. Five Finalists were invited to pitch their ideas at the AAL Forum, where Activ84Health Explorer (now Memoride) was announced as the winner of the €50,000 prize.

The Smart Ageing Prize 2017 aimed to shine a light on the market opportunity presented by the silver economy, as well as bringing new products and services to market rapidly, prompting new collaborations and partnerships, including with end users, and building the capacity of innovators.

The key objectives were to:


  • Stimulate new tech solutions to meet older people’s aspirations
  • Mobilize new talent that involves co-creation with older people
  • Prompt new collaboration to empower older people
  • Build the capacity of new innovators to develop prototypes and business plans
  • To seek market opportunities
  • Attract new investors interested in technological solutions for older people
  • Raise awareness of the contribution of older people

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