Eligibility Criteria, Assessment Criteria and Conditions of Funding for the Mayor’s Resilience Fund

Eligibility Criteria and Conditions of Funding

Please read these criteria and the funding terms and conditions carefully before submitting an entry to the Mayor’s Resilience Fund. By submitting an entry, you accept the terms and conditions on behalf of your organisation and agree to comply with them if selected.

Eligibility Criteria

Entries received by the relevant deadline will be assessed against the eligibility criteria set out below. Entries which do not meet the eligibility criteria shall not be accepted.

Late entries will not be accepted.

The eligibility criteria are final and the Greater London Authority (GLA) reserves the right to refuse any entry that does not meet the eligibility criteria or comply with the terms and conditions.

Eligibility criteria: 

  • A London-based team, with a registered company/charity in the UK
  • Sole traders can apply but must show VAT registration, public liability insurance or employer’s liability insurance, and audited accounts or a profit and loss statement
  • You may enter as a single organisation or as a partnership, however partnerships must nominate a lead organisation (that is a registered entity). 
  • Entries will not be accepted from individuals
  • You can submit an entry for more than one challenge, but you must submit a separate application for each challenge. 
  • We cannot fund activity which is party-political in intention, use, or presentation nor to support or promote religious activity.
  • Employees of Nesta, Greater London Authority, Resilience Partners or organisations working on the Prize, and their immediate families, are not eligible to enter.
  • We are unable to accept entries from any organisation that is currently: bankrupt, in liquidation, having their affairs administered by the courts or entered into an arrangement with creditors. 

Where possible and applicable, we encourage entrants to explore making the end product or solution open source, open standard, interoperable or open license, as set out in the Emerging Technology Charter, to ensure that it is accessible and to maximise adoption across the economy. This is not a requirement for entry, but is looked favourably upon. 

Assessment criteria

Eligible entries will be assessed against the assessment criteria set out below in order to determine the winners of the Challenge awards. The Authority’s decision on the selection of winners and amount of the Challenge awards (including in relation to queries on the assessment process) is final. The Authority will receive recommendations from the Challenge judging panel which it will take into consideration when making its decisions. Correspondence will not be entered into. The Authority may at its sole discretion decide not to award any funding.

Applications to all challenges will be assessed against the same five criteria:

1. Suitability (pass/fail)

  • Is the proposed solution in scope and aligned with the challenge objectives? (pass/fail)
  • The proposed solution is not yet deployed at scale. (pass/fail)

2. Impact (20%)

  • Will the solution make a difference to the target beneficiaries? (10%)
  • Is it scalable, transferable, adaptable to other contexts? (10%)

3. Innovation (10%)

  • Does the solution expand beyond existing best practice? Is it different or better than what’s currently on the market?

4. Feasibility (40%)

  • Does the entrant have a plausible project plan and the capabilities to execute it (long-term)? (20%)
  • Is the solution technically feasible? (5%)
  • Can the initial proposed project realistically be delivered within the challenge budget and timescales? (10%)
  • Has this solution been designed with a clear understanding of end users’ needs? (5%)

5. Capability (30%)

  • Does this solution have a team behind it with the relevant track record, skills, experience to achieve success? (20%)
  • Has the team identified and mitigated significant risks? (10%)