Guidelines for contributing to our News & Views

Guidelines for writing blogs, thought leadership pieces, news, multimedia or other content for Nesta Challenges

We welcome submissions from anyone, including innovators, partners, potential partners, those affected by the topics we cover, anyone working on projects, research, public engagement or other activity with any of our themes or as challenge prizes as a focus. 

Posts can be a blog narrative, thought leadership, a list feature or a photo/video story, and we are open to other suggestions. 

If you’re interested in submitting an idea for an article, please write to briefly outlining the subject. 

Once your idea has been accepted for publication, we ask that you please adhere to the agreed deadline. We also ask that the person at Nesta Challenges who you are working with informs our communications department about your piece and fill in our content template for you. .

When submitting your post, please adhere to these guidelines:

  • Please provide a suggested Title and a one sentence summary
  • Posts should be 600-1,000 words
  • Posts should be written for a wide audience and avoid jargon or technical language
  • Posts should employ techniques that grab readers’ attention, including:
    – Sub-headlines
    – Bulleted lists
    – Short paragraphs
  • Include links to other sites, blogs, and partner organisations that you mention. You may also include recommended further reading
  • Please submit your blog post as a Microsoft Word document or a Google Document
  • If appropriate, please include 2-3 relevant images that show what you’re writing about. These should be at least 800×800 pixels. You may also include video or links to videos. Please always include image attribution so we can credit it properly. By submitting an image you are confirming you have the right to use it
  • Please submit a short bio (1-2 lines) for all authors of the blog post, including job titles and affiliations. Also include the URL of your website and the URL of your Twitter handle, if applicable
  • Please share an image of yourself. At least 600 x 600px

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Harmon.