Global Surgical Training Challenge

Aims to make simulation-based training accessible through low-cost training modules

What is the Global Surgical Training Challenge?

The Intuitive Foundation, in partnership with Nesta Challenges and MIT Solve, have launched the Global Surgical Training Challenge to stimulate the creation of novel, low-cost surgical training modules. These open-source modules will help surgical practitioners  to learn and assess new skills to improve the health of their communities.

The Challenge aims to create a paradigm shift in how surgical practitioners learn and assess surgical techniques. The validated modules will be free to download and inexpensive to reproduce in a variety of global settings.

Why we need the Global Surgical Training Challenge

Challenge timeline (click and scroll to the right)

15 July 2020

Challenge launches

Find out who can enter

July-Oct 2020

Solveathon workshops

MIT Solve will host a series of Solveathon® workshops – virtual, high-energy workshops designed to build teams and strengthen their applications for the Global Surgical Training Challenge.

Nov 2020

Applications close for Discovery Awards

Winners will be announced in December 2020

Aug 2021

Prototype showcase

Discovery award winners will be invited to pitch their prototype to the judging panel

Oct 2021

Applications close for Finalist Awards

Winners will be announced in December 2021

Jan-Oct 2022

External validation of Finalist Awards

Oct 2022

Applications close for Grand Prize

Winners will be announced in December 2022

Who can enter?

Creating novel surgical training modules can only be achieved by multidisciplinary teams with experience in resource-constrained settings. We are looking for educators, clinicians, technology developers and creatives to collaborate and work together for innovative solutions We are looking for specialists in the following disciplines who have experience or familiarity with resource-constrained settings:

  • Surgical education specialists
  • Clinicians
  • Engineers, software developers
  • Artists, medical illustrators, designers

We anticipate many of you wishing to apply will already be working in such multidisciplinary teams. However, if you are an individual from an related field, we will work with you to place you in a team suitable to take on the Challenge.