The Changing World of Work

15 Mar 2021

23 Mar 2021 09:30 – 12:00

More than six million people in the UK are currently employed in occupations that are likely to change radically or disappear entirely by 2030. Even before the pandemic hit, the development of new technologies, demographic shifts, and an increasingly globalised economy were already driving changes in the demand for different types of skills. How can we harness technology to ensure workers can adapt to and navigate an ever-changing labour market over the coming decades?

Join us for this interactive half-day to unpack the ways in which innovation can help people to navigate the changing world of work. Based on learnings from CareerTech Challenge – a funding initiative to support organisations test and develop online adult learning and career advice for those at risk of losing their jobs due to automation – we’ll be showcasing our platforms and research, inviting experts to discuss key issues facing workers in the future, and announcing the winner and runner up of the CareerTech Challenge Prize.

This event is open to anyone who wants to explore ways in which innovation can help solve a piece of the labour market puzzle:

  • Policy-makers who are looking for new approaches that can inform the design of employment and skills policy.
  • Employers who are interested in the different ways they can support their employees who may be at risk of role changes.
  • Adult learning and career guidance providers who are interested in gaining insights into new ways to read the labour market and provide targeted information to customers.
  • Investors looking for new products and ideas that support workers navigate the labour market.
  • Subject matter experts who want to find out about our research findings, and gain a deeper understanding of the practical implications.


Hear from Tris Dyson, Managing Director of Nesta Challenges alongside a short video welcome from Gillian Keegan Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills.

In this session, Tracy Fishwick OBE will discuss the future of employment and skills in the UK for precarious workers, and key policy asks, technology and digital platforms to aid this.

Innovators will share their experience of embedding evaluation into their platforms. What technology, innovation or nudges engaged with learners, and which didn’t? What have we learned that answers the question ‘what motivates adults to learn?’


Service design agency Livework have spent the past nine months working with CareerTech Challenge innovators to apply a human-led service design approach in their projects. In this session, they will share their reflections on designing services for diverse groups of users, and learnings for engaging with users in the context of COVID-19.


The CareerTech Challenge set out to increase individuals motivation to learn and their career adaptability – their concern, curiosity, commitment, control and confidence to thrive. How important are these skills? What other skills are needed to navigate today’s labour market? How can online learning be designed to capitalise on people capabilities and give them agency?


  • Olivia Chapman – Senior Programme Manager, Nesta
  • Alice Mathers – Head of Evidence, Good Things Foundation
  • Nick Bennet – Head of Business Transformation, Hyper Island
  • Nick Dalton – Consultant and former Executive Vice President H.R. Business Transformation, Unilever

To help workers at risk navigate their way to better jobs, it’s crucial we open up and share relevant data. Join us to discuss what are the latest developments in the world of labour market data? What are the next opportunities, and how can we make the most of them? What are the barriers to innovation, and what can governments, researchers and innovators be doing to overcome them?


Ravi Gurumurthy, Nesta’s CEO will announce the winner and runner-up for the CareerTech Challenge Prize, which seeks to award the digital solution that best uses labour market information to support people to make better informed decisions about their future careers.

Take the opportunity to explore our online event expo. Watch videos from innovators, register your interest or meet others in our exclusive networking area.

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