Inclusive Tech Prize

  • Seoana Sherry-Brennan

    Seoana Sherry-Brennan

    Digital Communications and Prize Engagement Officer

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13 Oct 2014

The Inclusive Technology Prize sought to champion innovative assistive technology and encourage co-creation with disabled people.

There are over 12 million people with a limiting long term illness or impairments in Great Britain. The prevalence of disability rises with age. Many disabled people rely on assisted living technologies to support them in their everyday lives. But there is a strong view (explored during the Prize’s scoping process) that the development and manufacture of aids, adaptations and products has not kept pace with the use of new technologies, materials and design and manufacturing processes as seen in other areas (sport related products for disabled people being the notable exception). This state of affairs is compounded by the failure of many designers and producers of assistive technology to properly test and develop their ideas and products with potential users, disabled people. 

Effective and affordable assistive technology changes lives – as well as practical benefits it can have an emotional impact, enhancing people’s everyday lives.  

The aim of the Inclusive Technology Prize was to inspire technological innovation that made a real difference to the lives of disabled people. Co-creation, in its various forms, with disabled people was baked into the Prize. While its design and delivery also sought to facilitate and support the participation of individuals, groups and organisations. 

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