Dynamic Demand Challenge Prize

  • Seoana Sherry-Brennan

    Seoana Sherry-Brennan

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The Dynamic Demand Challenge Prize was designed to stimulate new products, technologies or services using data to achieve reduced carbon emissions by shifting energy demand to off peak times or through excess renewable generation.

In Ofgem’s Electricity Capacity Assessment Report, they stated that electricity margins could tighten in 2015-16 to between around 2% to 5% and the generation industry must get a grip on the problem through greater investment and other initiatives.

The Dynamic Demand Challenge Prize was designed and delivered by Nesta Challenges in partnership with the National Physical Laboratory’s Centre for Carbon Measurement (NPL) to stimulate demand side response solutions for households and small businesses.

Financial support and professional guidance will be provided to selected Semi-Finalists.  And a final award of £50,000 will be made to the entry that demonstrates the most significant impact (measured by Centre for Carbon Measurement) within the challenge timeframe.

The winner of the Challenge was Hestia, powered by Demand Shaper. Hestia is a smart home controller specifically designed for electrically–heated homes, and could save these households over £200 per year. Using Demand Shaper technology, Hestia implements a time–shifting algorithm to subtly alter domestic heating schedules, modulating electricity demand according to the needs of electricity suppliers, or National Grid