Webinar: What to consider when defining your city challenge

08 Dec 2020

On Tuesday the 1 December the Climate Smart Cities Challenge partners hosted a webinar for interested cities and organisations to learn more about our open call.

The event helped to clarify the expectations around making an application, and enabled participants to participate in a discussion with experts from the organisations behind the challenge.

During the workshop the question “What are the most important aspects to consider when defining a challenge?” resulted in the following recommendations from the participants:

  • Be clear about who will benefit from the solution when the challenge is addressed.
  • Make sure the challenge is a part of a larger city initiative.
  • Involve the people who will be part of the implementation.
  • Make sure that the challenge does not include a hint regarding the solutions to keep an open mind.
  • Be well-prepared and make dynamic strategies based on challenges.
  • When defining a challenge, consider what the goal is and ensure you can measure progress so you know when the challenge has been overcome.
  • Make your challenge attractive to address.
  • Find a good place for testing solutions
  • Engage end-users, for example citizens throughout the processes
  • Use visual representation in your challenge definition to increase understanding and creative discussion.

Want more tips? Check out the Nesta Challenges practice guide.

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