Legal tech, Canadian Innovation, Black innovators: Top 5 thought leadership pieces of 2020

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5. What role does technology have in making justice more accessible?

Legal technology appears to be reaching a tipping point. Within years, we should expect more people to claim their rights and feel in control of their legal matters at the push of a button. Far from putting lawyers out of a job, the innovations in the sector will be an invaluable toolbox for legal practitioners, opening the sector to those who are at present excluded from the system altogether. By Chris Gorst and Nicola Tulk.

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4. The Green Industrial Revolution: A breath of fresh air… potentially

The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution can help us preserve both human and planetary health, including delivering better air quality, but we can only know the impact it is having if we have the right tools and technologies. A challenge prize for clean air can help drive the innovation needed to provide these tools, enabling decision makers and communities to make the best choices for safeguarding our health. By Sarah Holliday

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3. What can governments learn from Canada’s challenge-driven innovation?

As governments globally face increasingly complex problems – from the climate crisis, to the long-term implications of COVID-19, to the consequences of rapidly evolving technology – some, like the Canadian Government, are taking a new approach. By Andrea Richardson

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2. Black Innovators Matter: Why we need to tell their stories

We must do more to proactively amplify the stories of real transformative change being led by Black innovators; those who authentically serve their communities, disrupting ‘business as usual’ practice as they show us how to ‘walk the walk’ towards racial equity. By Aisha Lysejko

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1. Why is space so important in 2020?

If the UK sits on its laurels, this successful industry we have could be at risk. But if we make smart decisions and investments, we could build on this success and seize the opportunities this market disruption brings.

With miniaturisation, microlaunchers and advances in robotic and computer technology, there are suddenly new opportunities to develop spacecraft design. These in turn could enable more, better or cheaper services – with wide benefits across all sectors. By Oli Usher

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