Making your vote count: celebrating the innovators of tomorrow

  • Hannah Picton

    Hannah Picton

    Assistant Programme Manager

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19 Jun 2020

The spirit of the Longitude Explorer Prize is all about demystifying STEM and entrepreneurship, through encouraging young people who don’t see themselves as being part of these industries to give it a go, and providing an opportunity to unlock their potential.

In this spirit, we’re doing something special with this year’s Prize. For the first time ever we are opening up one of our awards to the public!

We’re asking the public to engage with the brilliant solutions the teams of young people have developed and to vote for their favourite – our very own People’s Choice Award!

The 39 teams are made up of 2 to 5 young people aged between 11 and 16 from across the UK, who have entered through their school or youth group. They now have an opportunity to showcase their hard work and solutions by engaging friends, family, schools, youth groups and as many other people as possible – with the aim of persuading them to vote for them.

The solutions all use Artificial Intelligence (AI), across four themes based on the government’s Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges, to help people in some way:

  1. Live longer: technology to help us stay independent and connected as we grow older.
  2. Live better: technology to help our bodies and minds stay healthy, and to help us feel better when we are sick.
  3. Live together: Technology to help us look after the planet and make our environments cleaner.
  4. Live greener: technology that connects us with other people, through safe and environmentally friendly transport.

You have until the 3rd of July 2020 to to read how each solution is helping change the world and cast your vote!